versaSRS Feature Rich Software For Support, Requests & Sales

Whether you are managing customers, business processes, assets, or leads & prospects, versaSRS is designed to support & help your business grow & run more efficiently

versaSRS provides your business with the tools to produce required outcomes, and be positioned to support any new processes you may introduce down the track.

versaSRS is browser-delivered feature-rich and flexible Professional Services Automation software (PSA) including both an incorporated request management and CRM module. versaSRS is available in three editions:

versaSRS Starter

versaSRS Starter provides an affordable, entry-level ticketing system to manage customer based requests, acting as a primary Request Management System (RMS). It contains the core Incident/Requests Module, plus other modules.

versaSRS Pro

versaSRS Pro delivers both RMS and Problem Management - typically used to manage both Customer Service and Internal IT Service Desk functions. It includes Incident Management, Problem Management, Asset Management and Assets Scanning.

versaSRS Enterprise

For companies requiring the full ITIL framework, versaSRS Enterprise is ideally suited to SME and large corporations - and includes Incident, Problem, Change, Asset Management, CMDB, Assets Scanning and ALL modules. Unlimited Queues are included and all relevant modules applicable to this offering.

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A Genuine Enterprise Level Service Management Solution

  • Processing 65,000 cases on average per month
  • Servicing over 100,000 employees & customers globally
  • Transactions in excess of 1,000,000 per month
  • Reducing average case resolution to 2 Days
  • Saving valuable Time and Money

... and achieving this for ONE versaSRS customer 24/7 for the last 10 years.

With over 6000 registered implementations worldwide, versaSRS has a diverse user base covering small to enterprise organisations in both the public and private sectors.

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Feature Rich

Email Enabled Email Enabled
versaSRS automatically turns customer emails into tickets and replies with a ticket number for future reference.

Template Responses Template Responses
Draw from a Template Library of common responses and answers to provide quick handling and turnaround.
Quick & Easy Ticket Creation Extended One-Click Ticket Creation
Create cases with one click to apply templates with worksheets, assets, forms and tasks.

Calendar View  Calendar View
View Ticket in a classic Calendar View with details and info a mouse hover away.
SLA Routing Rules  SLA Routing Rules
Create rules to route inbound email to a specific area and set specific properties.

Adaptable & Flexible  Customization
Flexible architecture and design allows for greater customization.
Custom Fields  Custom Fields
Add your own business specific data fields.

Tasks (To-Do Items)  Tasks (To-Do Items)
Easily create Tasks or To-Do Items against Tickets.
Scheduled Cases  Scheduled Cases
Scheduled automated case creation from templates with tasks and escalations.

Knowledge Base  Knowledge Base
KB Articles can be easily accessed by support staff and customers quickly to find answers to common problems.
versaSRS Lite  versaSRS Lite
Access to cases across network via WiFi on iPads, tablets, netbooks and smartphones (iPhone, Android & Windows).

Worksheets Module  Worksheets Module *
Attach Excel spreadsheets to cases and insert case data into a spreadsheet.

* Conditions Apply. Available Features and Modules are dependent on which Edition of versaSRS is installed. To compare versaSRS Editions, please go here Edition Comparison

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