A successful business is one that can exploit new technology to the maximum, thereby increasing efficiency and driving down costs. VersaDev offers a comprehensive range of consultancy services to help clients achieve this goal.

By bringing together such skills as business analysis, project management, web development, database and user interface design, we can ensure that you don't have to compromise and get the very best from your investment. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen, comprehend and subsequently implement value-added solutions for our customers, to specification and on time.

Scoping Consultancy

Successful delivery of an application is dependant on the installation team knowing your business needs from the outset. Our Professional Services team are experienced in mapping business processes to product utilising both Best Practices and simply listening to your requirements, leading to a seamless delivery and a product moulded to fit your processes and business.

Pre-Implementation Consultancy

With VersaDev's Pre-Implementation Consultancy we can help you ensure that your infrastructure is ready for your implementation. This one day consultancy covers building the base operating system and database model for your platforms, installation of all patches and hot fixes required and making ready for connection to corporate networks and 3rd party applications.

Implementation Consultancy

Delivery of an application is often the biggest headache for any Project Manager or IT Manager. Deadlines and user requirements must be met and all within budget. VersaDev's consultants have many years of experience in a wide range of industries enabling us to bring best of practiced methods to your organisation, meaning we don't have to reinvent each time. VersaDev will work with your own staff during the implementation phase to ensure we hand over all the key knowledge enabling you to become self sufficient in the management of your application in the future reducing the need for unnecessary consultancy fees for the smallest of modifications.

Health Check

VersaDev's health check is designed for customers of versaSRS. Often versaSRS administrators change, changes are made in error, duplicate or old business rules are left unmanaged and databases are left to grow with out any housekeeping. All of this can lead to severe consequences on your application performance. VersaDev's 1 day health check is designed to highlight these areas to your staff enabling you to continually get the most from your system.

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VersaDev offers a comprehensive range of consultancy services to help clients achieve their goals ...

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