About VersaDev

VersaDev is an Australian company developing business software solutions to customers across the globe.

In 2001 VersaDev emerged to provide bleeding-edge technology solutions to businesses in order to drive performance at the level that some companies can only hope to meet.

We at VersaDev are continually developing new enhancements to enrich our product range, born out of close customer relationships and feedback. Whether you have 3 customers or 3 million, our products can support you. Our extensive experience with globally distributed networks, for enterprise customers, guarantees robustness and performance.

VersaDev strengths are its staff and their ability to quickly respond to your business’s needs. Whilst many businesses are focused only on installing a solution, we at VersaDev assist you in delivering the solution End to End whether remotely or by consultative engagement.

VersaDev prides itself on quietly achieving results and quality outcomes, as recognised by industry Awards and our Microsoft Partner certification since 2003.

Our Software Development Framework

Our Software solutions have been browser based and delivered since 2001, which ensures as technology changes so does our ability to integrate with leading edge solutions.

Our philosophy is to deliver our customers with excellence.

The coding framework incorporated in all our products utilises best practice disciplines and principles which follow the Software Development Lifecycle and are aligned to industry standards.

Technology used in our software is based on a single code set. This allows flexibility across a range of VersaDev products and simplifies integration with your internal systems and other third party software provider’s products.

Incorporating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) - found in most products - VersaDev products have a natural and intuitive look and feel which is easily adopted by users of our software solutions.

Basing our solutions on Microsoft's .NET framework ensures that our product line is fully scalable, up to and including, Enterprise implementations. When technology moves we are flexible enough to move at the same time.

VersaDev - Our Product Development & Evolution

Product Development is born out of Evolution. At VersaDev we look to emerging technologies and platforms across our application suite.

VersaDev looks to add enhancements that improve functionality and deliver on the genuine needs of the customer and the business community. We are truly focused on delivering results.

We look to the global marketplace tracking developments, quantifying gaps and identifying opportunities.

We work within the ITSM community to ensure that our practices are truly best practices, and are valued by our customers. The ITIL framework has provided VersaDev with a robust structure which we have incorporated within our product development since 2006.

Our business model allows VersaDev to respond to the needs of the customer in an efficient and timely manner, which allows us to provide unparalleled quality in our service deliverables.

As a company we are ever-evolving and assessing new and advanced technologies, to deliver to the global environment, products that are both robust and feature rich.

VersaDev is industry awarded, recognised, Microsoft certified, and truly relevant to your needs and the needs of your business.

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